Impressions of the opening of the ZTMK

on the 8th of January 2009 in the Historic Observatory Göttingen

ztmk podium 1
Historic Observatory Göttingen: Backside.

 ztmk podium 2
Greeting words: Prof. Dr. Regina Bendix.

ztmk podium 3

ztmk podium 4
Prof. Dr. em. Johannes Fabian, Cultural Anthropology, University of Amsterdam.

ztmk podium 5
Reception. In the front in the left side: Prof. Dr. Morag J. Grant talking with Prof. Dr. Irene Schneider.

ztmk podium 6
Reception. Prof. Dr. Frank Kelleter talking with Prof. Dr. Mitchell Ash, History, Universität Wien.

ztmk podium 7
Reception. Prof. Dr. Peter Lundgren and Prof. Dr. Dirk Schumann discussing.

ztmk podium 8
Reception. Prof. Dr. Rebekka Habermas, Prof. Dr. Brigitta Schmidt-Lauber, Dr. Barbara Buchenau, Prof. Dr. Frank Kelleter.

ztmk podium 10
Reception. Prof. Dr. Stefan Haas and PD Dr. Oliver Auge.

  • zum Newsreport regarding the opening.