By Bus

Public transport within Göttingen is served by the Göttinger Verkehrsbetriebe (GöVB) with 19 bus lines running by day and 8 by night.

The town is also well-connected to neighbouring cities and towns by a bus network of local bus companies integrated in the Verkehrsbund Süd-Niedersachsen GmbH (VSN).

Single tickets, 4-trips-tickets, 24-hour-tickets, group-and family tickets, and weekly-, and monthly-passes can be purchased on every bus, at a number of shops and tobacconists, or at the GöVB Service Centre (Kundenzentrum der GöVB) at Markt 3, near the old town hall. Ticket fees are higher on the bus than in a shop.

University of Göttingen job ticket (VSN)

Employees at the University of Göttingen are able to apply for a "job ticket" (Jobticket). The only prerequisite is that you have a contract for the whole year starting from the 1st January until 31st December.

You pay a reduced monthly rate for this ticket, which entitles you to use the entire VSN (Verkehrsverbund Süd-Niedersachsen) regional public transport network as often and as long as you like, whether for work or personal use.

Information on the job ticket (VSN):

Company Season Ticket (VSN)

Marion Lehmann
Phone +49 (0)551/39-4239

Ines Wellhausen
Phone +49 (0)551/39-4239

Intercity Distance Buses
Often much cheaper than trains, long-distance intercity buses regularly depart Göttingen for cities around Europe. Because they travel on roadways and not train tracks, they are of course subject to traffic conditions and take longer. You should always be careful when booking connecting bus trips. The largest company is called Flixbus, (you will easily recognize the distinctive green buses) which offers WiFi on board, toilets, and sometimes snacks for purchase. They depart from the Fernbus area next to the train station.