Programme for Women Professors

Programme for Women Professors III

In the third phase of the Programme for Women Professors of the Federal Government and the States (2018-2022) the University of Göttingen was again successful: An independent board evaluated its “future concept for gender equality” highly positively. In addition, the Göttingen strategy for personell development and recruitment on the way to a professorship was awarded the prestigious title „Gleichstellung: ausgezeichnet!“ (Gender Equality: excellent!”). The University now has the opportunity to appoint up to four women to an unlimited W2- or W3-professorship and get an initial funding that can be used to initiate additional equality measures.

Programme for Women Professors II

The University of Goettingen succeeded again in the second phase of the Programme for Women Professors of the Federal Government and the States (2013-2017). The implementation and development of its gender equality concept earned it the top score. This positive evaluation demonstrates the effect of the University's high level of institutionalisation and the professionalisation of central and decentralised equal opportunity measures.

The University takes part in the programme by successfully appointing Prof. Dr. Daniela Sauer. Financial means for additional equality measures are available through the Equality Innovation Fund and a career counselling for women in natural and life sciences (central level measures). The Faculty of Geoscience and Geography has initiated its own fund for young female scientists (“Geo-Gender-Chancenfonds”).

Programme for Women Professors I

In the first phase of the Programme for Women Professors (2008-2012) the University successfully participated at the programme by appointing three professorships (Faculty of Humanities, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science). The appointed professors are Prof. Anke Holler, Prof. Claudia Diehl and Prof. Anja Sturm. The success within the programme was based on an outstanding gender equality concept. The funding by the programme became available in the aforementioned faculties for the advancement of equal opportunity measures, e.g. a mentoring programme for female postdocs, dual career measures and qualification positions for young female scientists.

The Programme for Women Professors was initiated in 2008 by the Federal Ministry of
Education and Research (BMBF) and the Federal States to increase the number of women professors. The programme was continued for another five years in 2013 and 2018, respectively.