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The University of Göttingen is an internationally renowned research university. Founded in 1737 in the Age of Enlightenment, the University is committed to the values of social responsibility of science, democracy, tolerance and justice. It offers a comprehensive range of subjects across 13 faculties: in the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences and medicine. With over 30,000 students and offering up to 212 degree programmes, the University is one of the largest in Germany.

New press releases

Executive contracts with clawback provisions – a trend with downsides

The financial crisis has caused discussions on the appropriateness of executive compensation. As a result, there have been initiatives in many countries to insert “clawback provisions” into executive contracts. The intention is to prevent behaviour by board members that is oriented towards short-term goals. Researchers at the University of Göttingen have now discovered that these provisions can also lead to undesired consequences for corporate development.


Should tomatoes go in the fridge?

There is much debate about the correct storage of tomatoes. There are two main options available to consumers: storage in the refrigerator or at room temperature. A research team from the University of Göttingen has now investigated whether there are differences in the flavour of ripe tomatoes depending on how they are stored and taking into account the chain of harvesting from farm to fork. No perceptible difference was found: the variety of tomato is much more important.


Website on the coronavirus for students

The University of Göttingen has started teaching and examination activities in the summer semester, initially mainly in digital form – i.e. without attendance. Here you will find a list of the most frequently asked questions for students, which we are regularly updating. You can also reach us via our social media channels.


Sustainable palm oil? How environmental protection and poverty reduction can be reconciled

Palm oil is often associated with tropical deforestation above all else. However, this is only one side of the story, as agricultural scientists from the University of Göttingen and the IPB University Bogor (Indonesia) show in a new study. The rapid expansion of oil palm has also contributed considerably to economic growth and poverty reduction in local communities, particularly in Asia.


Shopping and eating in the time of corona

Researchers at the University of Göttingen conducted a consumer survey across Germany starting in mid-April to find out how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting shopping, eating and cooking behaviour and just how crisis-proof people think the food system is. The survey responses from the first phase of collection show that the fear of rising food prices was high at the beginning of the pandemic.


Website on the coronavirus for staff

We are currently preparing for a reduced presence in teaching, research and administration. To this end, the University has drawn up a catalogue of measures which corresponds to the current status of protection against CoV-2 infections. The document and FAQ list for employees can be found here.


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