Degree: ‘Master of Science’ (M.Sc.) in Economic Development and Globalization

The Master of Science in Economic Development and Globalization is a two-semester programme, held completely in English at the University of Groningen. This programme combines the fields of International Business and International Economics and analyses the connection between these two concentrations. On an advanced level, relevant questions pertaining to international economic relations on the economic-political and business level are examined. They analyze the reasons for international investments and the consequences of globalisation on strategic decisions in multinational business and the socio-economic and institutional differences between the different countries accordingly.

The Master’s programme educates widely oriented economists with an internationally-oriented profile. Students will receive a profound understanding of the essential current trends of globalisation, as far as international (economic) policy as well as multinational businesses and their network are concerned.

Business related questions with a concentration on strategic management and business organisation are combined with economic issues. Topics are examined that pertain to the theory of trade and the flow of funds in reference to multinational businesses. Country-specific institutions and company organization in different countries form a further concentration of the programme.

The one-year Master’s programme is held completely in the English language. Teaching is conducted in small groups.

Students from Göttingen in the double degree programme will spend their 3rd and 4th semesters in Groningen. In the 3rd semester they will take compulsory modules from the Master’s programme in Economic Development and Globalization. In the 4th semester they will conduct independent research for their Master’s thesis under the supervision of a university teacher from Groningen as well as one from Göttingen. The independent research is accompanied by a workshop in research methods.