Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

Molecular Ecosystem Sciences B. Sc.

The background

Ecology is a fascinating science. The complex nature of ecosystems is a main challenge for researchers worldwide, promoting thinking in broad contexts, research networks and interdisciplinary subject areas. A functional understanding of ecosystem processes, however, requires a detailed view of their molecular basis. The unique combination of molecular and ecosystem studies allows young students to gain urgently needed knowledge to keep ecosystems, their functions and services intact. Students of the B.Sc. Molecular Ecosystem Sciences will gain diverse and advanced knowledge in natural sciences and related disciplines.

The programme
B.Sc. Molecular Ecosystem Science is the only Bachelor programme fully taught in English offered by the University Göttingen. The goals of this new B.Sc. course are ambitious: young students will learn modern methods, both in ecology and in molecular (bio-)sciences. They will be exposed to the most recent developments in both fields in a very early phase of their studies, and they will become involved in research activities of leading research teams in their respective fields.

Graduates of this research-based study programme will have gained a solid basis to work in the fields of environmental ecology, molecular biology and conservation. The pace of global change leaves little doubt that their knowledge will be urgently needed.

Augusta MES
***In the actual edition (Nr. 51) of the campus newspaper AUGUSTA you can find an interview with one of the MES student about the program "Zwischen Disziplinen und Nationalitäten".