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Publications on law and management of academic research and teaching

Dr. Christoph Conrads, head of the department of Law and Foundation, since 2002 provided support for the realization of the transition of the Georg-August University Göttingen to the Georg-August University Göttingen Public Law Foundation, representing the first example of such transition in Germany.

In addtion to legal issues concerning the Foundation University, his administrative unit in its capacity as the Foundation Office is competent for important links between the corporation, the foundation and the Government of Lower Saxony.

Using the example of the Georg-August-University Göttingen/ Georg August-University Göttingen Public Law Foundation, Dr. Conrads has described the legal basis of the foundation model as well as its practical implementation in the following articles:

As certified manager (Malik Management Centre St. Gallen) Dr. Christoph Conrads is co-author of "Wirksames Management in der Wissenschaft", Campus Verlag 2012, Frankfurt am Main/ New York.