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The task of the Accreditation Council is to guarantee quality assurance in teaching and studies and to audit and accredit the accreditation agencies. It is an independent institution consisting of representatives of the state governments, the universities, the student body and practising professionals. The Accreditation Council was established on a trial basis to begin with, by a resolution of the Conference of Education Ministers (KMK) dated 3 December 1998, based on a resolution of the University Rectors’ Conference (HRK) dated 6 July 1998. With the KMK resolutions “Future Development of Nation-Wide Quality Assurance for Universities in Germany” dated 1 March 2002 and “Statute for a National Accreditation Procedure” (organisational statute) dated 24 May 2002, as amended on 19 September 2002, the accreditation system was permanently established in Germany.