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Spectral Flow and Bifurcation

Title of the event Spectral Flow and Bifurcation
Series MathematischeGesellschaft
Organizer Mathematisches Institut
Speaker Prof. Dr. Nils Waterstraat
Speaker institution Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Type of event Kolloquium
Category Forschung
Registration required Nein
Details Bifurcation theory attempts to explain various phenomena that have been discovered and de-
scribed in the natural sciences over the centuries. Classical examples are, e.g., the buckling of the
Euler rod and the appearance of Taylor vortices, and often Hamiltonian systems play a central
Mathematically speaking, bifurcation theory is a eld of nonlinear analysis that studies branches
of solutions of equations of the type F(λ, x) = 0, where F : [0, 1] ×X → Y is a continuous map
and X, Y are real Banach spaces. The aim of this talk is to show that concepts of global analysis,
like the spectral ow, can be used to investigate bifurcation phenomena.
Date Start: 20.05.2021, 16:15 Uhr
Ende: 20.05.2021 , 17:15 Uhr
Location Mathematisches Institut (Bunsenstr 3-5)
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Contact 05513927752
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