Dr. Sina Nitzko

Research focus:

  • Consumer behaviour
    • Sustainable consumption
      • Nutrition and health psychology

      • Selected publications:

        • Nitzko, S., Bahrs, E. & Spiller A. (2022). Pesticide residues in food and drinking water from the consumerʼs perspective: The relevance of maximum residue levels and product-specific differences. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 30, 787-798.
          • Nitzko, S. & Spiller, A. (2019). Comparing "leaf-to-root", "nose-to-tail" and other efficient food utilization options from a consumer perspective. Sustainability, 11, 4779.
            • Nitzko, S. (2019). Consumer requirements for food product transparency. Ernährungsumschau international, 66, 198-203.