Oliver Schülke

Behavioral Ecology
Johann-Friedrich-Blumenbach-Institute for Zoology & Anthropology

Research Interests

  • Evolution of social relationships
  • Cooperation and conflict
  • Costs and benefits of social support

Education and Employment

2014 - Senior Scientist, Dept. Behavioral Ecology, University of Göttingen
2014Habilitation in Zoology, University of Göttingen
2008 - 2014Independent Scientist, CRC 'Evolution of Social
Behaviour', University of Göttingen
2005 - 2008Postdoctoral Researcher, Integrative Primate Socio-Ecology, MPI Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany
2003 - 2004Postdoctoral Fellow and Adjunct Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University, NY, USA
2003Dr. rer nat. (Biology), University of Würzburg, Germany

Selected honours and awards

2003Feodor Lynen Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Alexander v. Humboldt Foundation

Selected publications

Berghänel A, Heistermann M, Schülke O*, Ostner* J (2016). Prenatal stress effects in a wild, long-lived primate: predictive adaptive responses in an unpredictable envi-ronment. Proceedings of the Royal Society London B 283: 20161304

Heesen M, Macdonald S, Ostner J, Schülke O (2015). Ecological and social determinants of group cohesiveness and within-group spatial position in wild Assamese macaques. Ethology 121: 270-83

Young C, Majolo B, Heistermann M, Schülke O*, Ostner J* (2014). Responses to so-cial and environmental stress are attenuated by strong male bonds in wild macaques. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 51: 18195-200

Fürtbauer I, Heistermann M, Schülke O, Ostner J (2014). Low female stress hormone levels are predicted by same- or opposite-sex sociality depending on season in wild Assamese macaques. Psychoneuroendocrionology 48: 19-28

Schülke O, Wenzel S, Ostner J (2013). Paternal relatedness predicts the strength of social bonds among female rhesus macaques. PLoS One 8: e59789

Schülke O, Ostner J (2012). Ecological and social influences on sociality. In: Mitani J, Call J, Kappeler P, Palombit R, Silk J (Eds.), The Evolution of Primate Societies. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 195-219

Berghänel A, Ostner J, Schröder U, Schülke O (2011). Social bonds predict future co-operation in male Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus). Animal Behaviour 81: 1109-16

Ostner J, Heistermann M, Schülke O (2011). Male competition and its hormonal cor-relates in wild Assamese macaques (Macaca assamensis). Hormones & Behavior 59: 105-13

Schülke O, Bhagavatula J, Vigilant L, Ostner J (2010). Social bonds enhance repro-ductive success in male macaques. Current Biology 20: 2207-10

Ostner J, Heistermann M, Schülke O (2008). Dominance, aggression and physiologi-cal stress in wild male Assamese macaques (Macaca assamensis). Hormones & Behaviour 54: 613-9

* shared last authorship