Anke Holler

German Linguistics
Faculty of Humanities
Courant Research Centre "Text Structures"

Research Interests

  • Linguistic theory: Formal modeling of phenomena of German sentence and discourse grammar; grammatical accounts for non-standard constructions and gradience in grammar; enhancements of constraint-based grammar theory
  • Psycholinguistics: text comprehension (anaphor resolution, processing of discourse-hierarchical structure)
  • Computational linguistics: grammar implementation (constraint-based grammars); text technology (co-reference tracking, annotation, text mining).

Education and Employment

2009 -Speaker of the Courant Centre “Textstructures”, Göttingen University
2005 - 2010Coordinator of the DFG-sponsored scientific network “Constraint-based Grammar: Empiricism, Theory, Implementation”. (CoGETI)”
2008 - Professor of German Linguistics, Göttingen University
2007 - 2008Assistant Professor (tenure track) of German Linguistics, Göttingen University
2005 - 2007Interim Professorships of Linguistics, University of Heidelberg and PH Karlsruhe
2003 - 2007Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Heidelberg
2000 - 2003Software Developer at IBM DE, and project leader at TEMIS
2002Ph.D., University of Tübingen
1997 - 1999Doctoral Researcher, University of Tübingen
1990 - 1996M.A. program in Linguistics, Psychology, and Computer Science, University of Tübingen, and University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

Selected honours and awards

2009 - 2014Fellow of BMBF-sponsored Programme for Woman in Professorate
2008 / 2011Offers of Professorships for Linguistics, University of Wuppertal (W2), Leibniz Institute for German Language, Mannheim (W3); both declined
1992 - 1996Fellow of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation

Selected publications

Holler, A. (2013). d- und w-Relativsätze. In: Hans Altmann, Jörg Meibauer und Markus Steinbach (eds.), Handbuch Satztypen. Berlin: De Gruyter, 266-300.

Holler, A. (2013). Reanalyzing German Correlative 'es'. In: Stefan Müller (ed.), Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Head-Driven Phrase Structure Grammar. Stanford: CSLI Publications, 90-109.

Ellert, M., Heinke, J., Holler, A. (2012). The Influence of Animacy on the Choice of Referring Expressions in German. Athen: Proceedings of the International Conference of Experimental Linguistics ExLing 2012, 27-29.

Ellert, M., Holler, A. (2011). Semantic and Structural Constraints on the Resolution of Ambiguous Personal Pronouns - A Psycholinguistic Study. In: Hendrickx, I., Devi, S.L., Branco, A., Mitkov, R. (eds.) Anaphora Processing and Applications. LNAI 7099. Springer: Berlin Heidelberg. pp. 157-170.

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Holler, A. (2009). Diskursrelationale Strukturen als Grundlage der Reliefgebung. In: Ehrich, V., Fortmann, C., Reich, I. and Reis, M. (eds.) Koordination und Subordination im Deutschen. Linguistische Berichte, Sonderheft 16, 135-159.

Holler, A. (2008). German dependent clauses from a constraint-based perspective. In: Fabricius-Hansen, C. and Ramm, W. (eds.) "Subordination" vs. "Coordination" in Sentence and Text (pp. 187-216). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Holler, A. (2007). Uniform oder different? Zum syntaktischen Status nicht-restriktiver Relativsätze. In: Deutsche Sprache 3, 250-270.

Holler, A., Irmen, L. (2007). Empirically Assessing the Effects of the Right Frontier Constraint. In: Branco, A. (ed.) Anaphora: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications. DAARC 2007. LNAI-Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (pp. 15-27). Heidelberg: Springer.

Holler, A. (2005). Weiterführende Relativsätze. Empirische und theoretische Aspekte. Berlin: Akademie Verlag. (studia grammatica 60).

Holler, A. (2004). Koreferenz in Hypertexten. Anforderungen an die Annotation. In: Osnabrücker Beiträge zur Sprachtheorie (OBST) 68, 9-29.