U4 Bazaar Conference

The Conference

The joint conference to which members of the U4 universities will assemble in Göttingen in October 2012 we labelled a “bazaar” conference. By this we mean that participants show what they have “on offer” - what it is that they focus on in their research.

So the aim is not to write a new paper especially for this conference; rather, we want to get an overview of what you - and all the other attendants from U4 social science, economics and law departments - have been working on recently and are generally interested in.

For the goal of this conference is to foster cooperation between individual researchers, groups, and institutes across our four universities. We hope that you will come to the Göttingen “bazaar” conference, show us what you work on, and shop around in the hope of meeting interesting colleagues and establishing new contacts!
We look forward to having you here.

The conference topic “Global governance and regulation” is meant to be interpreted broadly. We did some research and chose a topic that many from social sciences, law and economics across the U4 can relate to.

But if you happen to work on something that is rather different, come anyway and present it rather than stay at home - perhaps here in Göttingen you will find colleagues who share your interests and are willing to strike
up a cooperation!

Participation costs

There are no participation costs, and several meals will be provided for the participants. We will block rooms at hotels in different price ranges. While we do not cover the costs for travel and accommodation, we will gladly assist you in finding accommodation!