Global Virtual Project Management

The aim of this course is to provide students with insight into global project management, managing cross-cultural teams, concepts of project planning as well as concepts related to organizational workflow. Special emphasis will be put on a so-called X-Culture project which provides students with an opportunity to experience global virtual project work with students across the globe. Working in cross-cultural teams for several weeks, students develop a business proposal for an international company and write a report that details the economic feasibility of the idea and provides guidelines for its implementation. The task and the format of teamwork, as well as the collaboration tools used by the teams, are reminiscent of those used in the modern workplace, making the project a very realistic preview of work in corporate global virtual teams.


  • Please note: The application deadline for the seminar in WS22/23 is 30.09.2022.
  • Please email ni.liu[at] to apply for the seminar

Qualification aims:

Students will be able to understand the concepts of project planning and organization, conflict resolution and task management in a global virtual project environment. They will learn concepts related to organizational workflow including the staffing process, project planning elements and project communications. The course will also help students to improve their written and oral communication skills through formal writing assignments and group discussions.

Course Type:

Seminar, project work

2 SWS / 6 C
Final presentation (approx. 20 min) - 50%
Written report (1 page) - 50%

Exam requirements:
To pass the course, students are expected to participate the X-culture project.

Attendance: 22 hours Self-study: 124 hours
Entrance requirements:
Recommended prerequisites:

Language: English

Cycle: Winter Semester

Term:1 Semester
Max. students:
Recommended semester: