Strategic Human Resource Development

Course Description:

To achieve strategic goals, companies need to recruit, retain and develop the best employees. In this regard the seminar focuses on strategic human resource development as one important driver of organizational success. Furthermore, the seminar introduces students to different topics within the area of training and development in organizations.

The seminar is application-oriented and has significant practical elements. As part of the assessment, students will develop their own training designs to present their topics to their peers. Therefore, during the kick off session, basics of training and development will be covered and different training methods will be discussed. Building on this, students develop their own training design, discuss them with the lecturer and lead on their session in class.

Course Objectives:
Students will understand the relevance of human resource development for organizational success and be introduced to the various tasks within training and development. By using an innovative teaching approach (learning by teaching) the students take on the role of training and development professionals and will be enabled to plan and evaluate human resource development in practice.

Class participation and attendance
Attendance will be taken starting from the first class. Please inform the lecturer if you cannot attend class in advance.

Kick off (Online): Friday 9.12.2022 10.00-14.00

Group meetings (online):  Monday 09.01.2023 09.00-18.00

Workshops: Friday/ Saturday 20./21.1.2023 09.00-17.00

The registration deadline is September 15th:
Please send your transcript of records and CV directly to Shanzi Xue



6 C


Students' grades will be determined by the following criteria:

1.Group presentation (1h) 40%

2.Individual seminar paper (3000-5000 words) 60%


Exam requirements:
To pass the course, students have to 
write a seminar paper and give a presentation. 
They have to demonstrate a profound knowledge in the contents of lectures and required reading material.


Recommended literature will be shared in the first session.

Entrance requirements:
 Recommended prequisites:
No formal requirements, though basic understanding of human resource management as well as good English language skills are recommended.

Language: English Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Katharina Bader

Cycle: Every winter semester

 Term: 1 Semester
Max. students:
 Recommended semester: