Hannes Rakoczy

Department of Developmental Psychology
Georg-Elias-Müller Institute of Psychology

Research Interests

  • Children's understanding of normativity
  • Theory of mind development and its relation to language and executive function
  • Development of pretend play
  • Non-linguistic cognition in infants and apes

Education and Employment

2009 -Professor of Developmental Psychology, University of Göttingen
2006 - 2009Post-doctoral Researcher in the Department of Developmental and Comparative Psychology, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig
2004 - 2006Lecturer in the Department of Psychology, University of Leipzig
2000 - 2003Dr. rer. nat. in Psychology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, and Universität Leipzig, Germany

Selected honors and awards
2010 -Elected member of the Wilhelm-Wundt-Gesellschaft
2007 - 2012Elected member of the Junge Akademie an der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften und der deutschen Akademie der Naturforscher Leopoldina
2006Dilthey Fellowship of the Volkswagen Foundation

Selected publications

Hermes J, Behne T, Rakoczy H (2015). The Role of Trait Reasoning in Young Children's Selective Trust. Developmental Psychology 51(11): 1574-87

Keupp S, Behne T, Rakoczy H (2015). Over-imitation is not automatic: Context-sensitivity in children's over-imitation and action interpretation of causally irrelevant actions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 130: 163-75

Rakoczy H, Fizke E, Bergfeld D, Schwarz I (2015). Explicit theory of mind is even more unified than previously assumed: belief ascription and understanding aspectuality emerge together in development. Child Development 86(2): 486-502

Rakoczy H, Clüver A, Saucke L, Stoffregen N, Gräbener A, Migura J, Call J (2014). Apes are intuitive statisticians. Cognition 131(1): 60-8

Rakoczy H, Gräfenhain M, Clüver A, Schulze A, Dalhoff A, Sternkopf A (2014). Young children?s agent-neutral representations of action roles. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 128: 201-9

Keupp S, Behne T, Rakoczy H (2013). Why do children over-imitate? Normativity is crucial. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 116: 392-406

Rakoczy H, Schmidt M (2013). The early ontogeny of social norms. Child Development Perspectives 7(1): 17-21

Mendes N, Rakoczy H, Call J (2008). Ape metaphysics: Object individuation without language. Cognition 106(2): 730-49

Rakoczy H, Warneken F, Tomasello M (2008). The sources of normativity: Young children's awareness of the normative structure of games. Developmental Psychology, 44(3): 875-81

Tomasello M, Rakoczy H (2003). What makes human cognition unique? From individual to shared to collective intentionality. Mind and Language 18(2): 121-47