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Göttingen and European Enlightenment(s), Human Rights, Constitutional Politics and Religious Diversity, Modern Jewish Studies and European Intellectual History are the four current research topics at the Lichtenberg-Kolleg – The Göttingen Institute for Advanced Study. They supplement research projects at the Göttingen Campus. Alongside promoting interdisciplinary dialogue, it is the mission of the Lichtenberg-Kolleg to foster internationalisation and young scholars and scientists in the humanities and social sciences.

The main areas of research focus are like "umbrellas" for research groups where junior fellows have been given an 18-month opportunity to work on their respective projects. In each research group, experienced scholars, scientists and researchers visiting the Lichtenberg-Kolleg as senior fellows for several months give impulses to their young colleagues. The research teams are in a stimulating exchange among the Göttingen colleagues and with graduate schools for the humanities and social sciences.

Moreover, the Lichtenberg-Kolleg expanded its collaborative ventures: The Lichtenberg-Kolleg collaborated with the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt in an international research and publication project entitled "The Diaries of Anne Frank".