Admission Requirements

    Language requirements

  • What are the English language admission requirements?

    You either need to pass an English test, such as TOEFL (580 points old style, 92 points new style), Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) C1 or IELTS (6,5 points). Alternatively we usually accept applicants who have majored in English, studied in an English-speaking country for at least 1 year, or students who had English as their language of instruction during the whole duration of their BA programme. Please provide in this case with your application a transcript of records from your current studies in which proof is given that you are studying in a programme taught in English.

  • Should I provide any certificate proving my knowledge of Enlgish if I majored in translation and interpreting/if I had some modules in English?

    If English was the medium of instruction during all your education or if you have lived in an English-speaking country and studied at the university for at least a year, you don’t have to provide any English language certificate. Otherwise, you should provide us with proof of your proficiency in English.

  • Is there any need for a German language certificate?

    As Euroculture is an English-language programme, German language knowledge is not a requirement. However, we ask you to hand in a German language certificate or any other proof (tests/diploma, study or work experience) of your German language skills if you have them with your application. Additionally/alternatively, the university offers German language classes which are free of charge in case you are interested in improving your German language skills.

  • Academic requirements

  • What are the academic requirements to apply for the Euroculture program?

    In order to apply for the interdisciplinary program Euroculture, you need to hold at least a BA or equivalent in one of the disciplines as stated on the webpage.

  • I majored in English studies. Am I academically qualified enough to apply for the Euroculture program?

    We accept applicants who have majored in English literature and arts. However, those who majored in English linguistics may not be accepted.