Application Process

  • I am the holder of both, a European and a non-European citizenship and I was wondering under which passport it would be most advantageous to apply?

    We recommend you in this case to apply under EU citizenship since the study fees are significantly lower for EU applicants. However, we only may provide a limited number of study places to EU (as well as non-EU) applicants. If your chances to be accepted as a student are significantly higher if you apply under non-EU citizenship and if you are willing to accept a higher tuition fee, we will inform you about this opportunity.

  • The website provides three deadlines for the application (December 1st, March 1st and June 1st). What are the differences between the deadlines?

    The very first deadline (December 1st) needs to be met by those, who wish to apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Please note that after this deadline, the consortium already chooses the students that will be granted an Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Students applying for a later deadline do so as self-financing students.

  • I missed the deadline to apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. Are there any other scholarship possibilities?

    Please see the Scholarship/grants section of our website.

  • Do I need to go through the APS (Akademische Prüfstelle) procedure in order to get selected by your university?

    You will not have to go through the APS procedure. It might be considered helpful in the assessment of your BA degree during your application but it is
    NOT a requirement.

  • Your website says "If your degree certificate and/or transcript of records are not in English, you should provide us with a certified translation in English." University of Göttingen is my first choice, can I provide you with a certified translation in German instead?

    No. Please make sure all the documents are translated into English. If your application is rejected by the University of Göttingen, you might still be selected by your 2nd or 3rd-choice university.

  • For my application I have to upload letters of reference from two different referees. Do you accept reference letters from employers or internship providers or I can only upload academic references (i.e. from professors)?

    We do prefer letters from professors but we can also accept reference letters from employers.

  • In the second part of the online application procedure, in what version (i.e. in pdf, word, or jpg, usw.) should I upload all the required documents?

    We would recommend yout to upload the documents in .pdf format.

  • I could not obtain my B.A. certificate by the time of application. Can I upload my it later?

    Yes, if you're not applying for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. Only students who already hold a BA by 1 December can apply for scholarships.

  • I 'm still writing my BA thesis. Shall I use the official preliminary certificate given out by my current university, which states the due day of my graduation?

    Yes, please do so. Although in this case, you cannot apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. Please also upload your current transcript of records as as it determines your eligibility for a great part.
    Please note that in order to be accepted you should graduate in September 2013 at the latest.

  • Do I need to send you hard copies of my application documents?


  • How do I apply for the Erasmus Mundus Scholraship?

    The application deadline for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship is December 1. If you apply for the Euroculture Programme before this deadline, please indicate in the online application tool that you are also applying for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship.

  • Is the programme open only to EU citizens?

    The Erasmus Mundus Master Euroculture is not restricted to students from EU countries but welcomes students from all over the world. Therefore you are very welcome to apply to our Master Programme.