Finances and Grants

  • Can I apply for an Erasmus Mundus scholarship not being a citizen of the EU?

    Yes, you are welcome to apply for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Please note, however, that the application deadline for scholarships is much earlier than the regular application deadline (December 1 each year). After the scholarships have been distributed, you may still apply for a self-financing place within the program.

  • I didn't get the Erasmus Mundus scholarship, but decided to enrol into the Programme as a self-financing student. Can I apply for the Erasmus Mundus scholarship for the 2nd year of studies?


  • How much do self-financing students from non-EU countries have to pay per semester?

    The fee for all third country passport holders is: € 16.000 including insurance.

  • How much do self-financing students from EU countries have to pay per semester?

    The fee for EU / EEA passport holders for the 2-year duration of the programme is:

    € 8.000* without waiver, including insurance
    € 7.100* without the waiver, excluding insurance (for EU students who already have an adequate insurance)
    approx. € 5.200 without insurance and with consortium waiver (amount of consortium waiver still unknown)

    After selection, EU students can apply for an additional consortium waiver which will be given to those students not receiving a grant fully covering the fees. This waiver will reduce the amount of € 8.000 (or € 7.100). The waiver for 2012-2014 amounted to € 1.850 so without taking insurance and with the waiver awarded the overall fee for EU students is: €5.250 Yet again, this amount may vary from one year to the other, this amount is just an indication.

  • Can I pay in installments?

    The tuition fees can be paid in four installments (one installment per semester).

  • What is included in the fees?

    Alll tuition fees and universitary administration and diploma costs are covered by the participation costs for the 120 ECTS Master programme. Insurance is also included for the 2-year duration of the programme but EU students can decide not to take insurance via the consortium. Furthermore, Euroculture Göttingen students also receive the "semester ticket," which allows students to use the train (only “Regionalbahn”) within Lower Saxony and also to some other cities outside of Lower Saxony for free. Literature, accommodation, travel costs and fieldwork are NOT included in the participation costs.

  • I would like to apply for the DAAD scholarship. Does it cover the tuition fees?

    For information about the DAAD scholarship, please contact DAAD office in your country. Mostly DAAD covers only part of the tuition fees.

  • Is the affidavit of finances/ statement from my bank required for my application?

    Even though it is not needed for the application, you might need it to apply for the German visa.