• Will the entire program be held in Goettingen?

    The Euroculture programme is a two-year programme (120 ECTS credits) and consists of four semesters. Mandatory mobility between the different consortium universities is a crucial element of the Euroculture programme. Euroculture students will study at two different European universities of the consortium, that means you will study the first semester at the University of Goettingen and then move to one of the European partner universities in your second semester. For a detailed semester overview see the “Programme” Section on our website.

  • When and how can I apply for the second university?

    You do not need to decide where you would like to spend your second semester right away/during the application process. After the first semester in Göttingen has started, an information session on the second semester as well as on the different partner universities and options will be held. Based on your choices and motivation (you will be asked to choose two universities), the consortium then (by November) decides on the mobility track of every student.

  • Will I be limited in my third semester to study in Europe or I may also study in a non-European partner university?

    EU-citizens can also do the Research Track at one of the non-European partner universities.

  • I have already made up my mind that I would like to spend my second semester in Groningen. How high are the chances to be accepted there?

    Usually our students get their first choice university. However, there is no guarantee, since the amount of students needs to be equally distributed among the partner institutions.