Thesis Supervisors

The Thesis advisors are at least three persons:

  • 1. Examiner: All authorized examiners of the faculty, including coopted members and honorary professors
  • 2. Examiner: All examiners of the mat.-nat. faculties, who are authorized in a GAUSS program.
  • 3. Examiner: another person with at least a doctor title.

The advisors should agree to supervise your thesis. Please contact potential supervisors in advance.

The PhD student has to report periodically at least once a year to the thesis committee, in text form and in the form of a subsequent discussion, at which at least two members of the supervisory committee who are not in an official relationship with each other should be present, in detail about the status of the doctoral project and the academic achievements to date. The first meeting has to be scheduled six months after the enrollment.