Guidelines for application

  • Joint form for admission to a GAUSS program incl. supervision agreement and student declaration (for non university members or for university members via eCampus)

    The supervisors should be accredited in GAUSS. At least one supervisor must be on the list of examiners of the Faculty of Biology an Psychology. If in doubt about the members of your thesis advisory comittee (TAC) please get in contact with us. The supervision agreement must be signed by you and all three TAC members.

    Please note:
    If you got your master degree from a non-German university of eligibility must be assessed before admission. Therefore please submit the following documents to the Dean's office via e-mail.:

    • master degree diploma
    • Transcript of records (bachelor and master studies
    • Short summary of the master thesis with a statment on theduration and/or achieved credits
    • CV

  • With the application an abstract of the intended dissertation project should be submitted.
  • The Doctoral Student declaration (pdf) must be enclosed.
  • The applicant must provide a certified copy of the master degree diploma (submitted via post).
  • All application documents must be submitted to the Dean's office via e-mail only.
  • After approval by us you will get admission to the PhD programme of the Faculty of Biology and Psychology, which is prerequisite for registration as PhD student at our university. For registration details see information provided by the Office of Student Affairs.