Credit achievements during the period of dissertation

Doctoral students should acquire at least 20 C according to the regulations of the program. The achievements should be certified in the checklist for PhD students.

The credits should be acquired from each of the first tree sections and optional from the forth.

  • Attendance at colloquia and active participation on seminars (5-10 Credits)
    Doctoral studends should attend a seminar or colloquium each semester. For colloquia 0,5 Credits per semester are awarded. The attendance should be certified by a signed confirmation of the supervisor at the checklist. For active participation in a seminar 2 Crredits are awarded per semester, prerequisite is giving a talk in the seminar, which should be certified by the chair of the seminar.
  • Active participation in teaching (5-10 Credits)
    Generally the teaching should be done at the faculty. Exceptional teaching in other institutions can be certified individually. The examination committee of the faculty also can generally admit regular lectures of other faculties. Supervision of students in seminars of practica is awarded with 1 C per SWS (weekly hour). Supervision of lab rotations of at least 6 weeks are awarded with 2 C. Furthermore once during the period of dissertation the doctoral student can awar 3 C for supervision of a Master's thesis. The resepctive confirmations should be signed by the supervisor of the doctoral student.
  • Active participation on conferences / symposia (maximum 6 Credits)
    Active paticipation (presentation of a poster or giving a talk) is awarded with 3 C. The confirmation should be signed by the supervisor of the doctoral student.
  • Other forns of key competence acquisition (maximum 3 Credits)
    For this section there are no general rules. If the student attends key competence modules of the University, the amount of credits corresponts to the stated amount for the module. In other cases the faculties examination committee will determine the credit achievement.
  • Participation in a seminar „good scientific practice (compulsory)

Furthermore the student should report in detail on the progress of the dissertation at least once a year. The first progress report should be about 6 month after the beginning. The supervisor should confirm the progress reports on the checklist.