Christoph Hartl

Lobarioid lichens preserved as amber fossils

Lichens, which are symbiotic organisms of fungi and prokaryotic or eukaryotic algae, are among the rarest inclusions in ambers. My research focusses on fossils of lobarioid lichens recently discovered from Baltic amber and on prospecting for lichens in Cretaceous ambers. My studies will eventually contribute to the reconstruction of past corticolous lichen associations. Collaboration partners are Jochen Heinrichs (Munich) and Jouko Rikkinen (University of Helsinki). Carsten Gröhn (Glinde), Heinrich Grabenhorst (Wienhausen), Christel Hoffeins, Hans Werner Hoffeins (Hamburg) and Jörg Wunderlich (Hirschberg) kindly made amber pieces available for this project.

lichen in Baltic amber
Lobaria -like inclusion in Baltic amber (collection Carsten Gröhn).