Anna Philie Kiecksee

Amber inclusions from the Miocene of New Zealand

My Master's thesis project contributes to the discovery of the first amber inclusions from New Zealand. Early Miocene coal measures from Otago (Southland) contain abundant amber lumps which are mostly opaque or only semi-translucent due to numerous micrometre-sized bubbles inside the resin. It is my task to develop appropriate techniques for preparation and imaging of inclusions in these resins and to contribute to the systematic and ecological evaluation of the newly discovered fossils of fungi, plants and arthropods. My research contributes to the Marsden project "Life in and beyond maars: a revolution in understanding New Zealand Miocene terrestrial biodiversity and ecosystems" which is funded by the Royal Society of New Zealand. Collaboration partners are Daphne Lee and Uwe Kaulfuss (Otago University), Mark Maraun (Göttingen) and Vincent Perrichot (Rennes).

New Zealand mite
This mite, a representative of the order Oribatida, represents the first amber inclusion discovered from New Zealand.