Living and Studying in Göttingen

    1. Visa

  • 1.1 Do I have to apply for a study visa to come to Germany?

    Yes. The new Residence and Immigration Act (Zuwanderungsgesetz) requires a Visa for the first visit in Germany. After arriving in Germany this Visa has to be converted during your first 2 weeks in town into a temporary residence permit, which allows to study at the University the student was accepted at. This can be done at the “Ausländerbehörde” of the administration of the City of Göttingen. Before applying for the German residence permit you need to register as a new citizen of Göttingen at the local city hall. Please find more information here:

  • 1.2 I am not an EU citizen, but I have a German residence permit. Do I need to apply for a Spanish/Dutch/French/etc residence permit for my 2nd semester? (depending on the country of the host university)?

    IMPORTANT! You do have to apply for a national study visa, if you’re leaving Germany for more than 90 days.

  • 1.3 Before leaving Göttingen for a semester at another partner university do I have to de-register at the local city hall?

    Yes. Please make sure you de-register prior to your departure. If you come back to Göttingen for another semester you will need to register again.

    • 2. Living in Göttingen

    • 2.1 How high are the living expenses in Göttingen?

      How each individual budgets their living costs depends on personal needs and preferences. As Göttingen is a typical student town, the price level is comparatively low. The Göttingen Student’s Association, called “Studentenwerk”, provides a good and affordable basic infrastructure with numerous dormitories, cafeterias and dining facilities. Many of the cultural and sports facilities and public transportation authorities also provide student with discounts. To cover all living costs in Göttingen, you currently need at least 600 to 700 € a month. Rooms rates range from ca. 200 € to 300 €, also depending if you would like to share a flat or live on your own.

    • 2.2 I have heard that finding accommodation in Göttingen is really difficult. How can I secure a place in the dormitory?

      Unfortunately it is indeed not very easy to find a room in Göttingen from abroad, as most of the students who are searching for a roommate (in a shared flat) would like to see you in person before they decide to rent you a room. However you should not be discouraged as all Euroculture students have managed to find accommodation in the past. We would recommend you to start your housing hunting far in advance. Additional information with some tips will be sent to you in due course.

    • 2.3 I have never been to Göttingen before. Will there be someone who could show me around and help me open a German bank account?

      Euroculture Göttingen runs its own volunteering programme. We work together with volunteers, who are able and willing to help you to start your new life in Göttingen (Where is the city hall? How can I open a bank account? Where to go to do sports? How to find a place to live? How to sign up for language classes or additional courses? etc.). Each of you will have a personal buddy with whom you can, of course, also go to the cinema or meet for a cup of coffee/tea, etc. It is also a great opportunity to practice your German language skills! Besides that, we will occasionally have group activities with all current Euroculture students, volunteers and the Euroculture staff. Close to the start of the semester you will receive the contact details of your volunteers.

      • 3. Studying in Göttingen

      • 3.1 Student card: What is a „Semesterticket“ and where can I use it?

        “Semesterticket” is a “smart” student ID card ath the University of Göttingen. It allows you to travel with the regional train in the area of Lower Saxony for free. For details, please have a look at the following website:
        Moreover, this ticket provides you with a student discount in the Mensa and also serves as your library-ID-Card:

      • 3.2 I would like to take an intensive German language course before the start of my Euroculture classes. Where can I find respective information?

        Please see the following websites:
        Please also note that you will have the opportunity to attend German language courses for free during the semester:

      • 3.3 What should I do in order to register at the University?

        You will receive an email from the Euroculture office in Göttingen with information about the registration procedure and the registration guide in due course.

      • 3.4 Will there be an orientation week for Euroculture students?

        Yes, the introductory week usually starts in the first week of October for the 1st semester students and in last week of March/first week of April for the 2nd semester students. During the orientation phase, you will be introduced to all the Euroculture staff and the associated faculties. Beyond this, you will receive detailed information on what we are planning for the semester. Please note, that the Orientation Phase is obligatory for all the Euroculture students and is an integral part of the Programme.

      • 3.5 On the University website I saw that the semester won’t start until mid-October/mid-April, but the letter of acceptance says that Euroculture semester starts earlier. Is that correct?

        Euroculture classes usually start two weeks earlier than all other courses at the University of Göttingen. It cannot start even earlier since you cannot not get the student status in Göttingen prior to October 1/April 1.

      • 3.6 What about leaves of absence for one semester or more?

        You can find information on taking a leave of absence for one or more semesters HERE