As part of a cooperation agreement between the Department of Ancient History and the Institute for Archaeology within the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), we research the history of the Cimmerian Bosporus (6th c. BC - 4th c. AD). The objective is to generate a comprehensive synthesis of the historical region. Structurally, the following working phases can be distinguished: acquisition and analysis of the material, especially the new archaeological findings, epigraphical documents and literary sources, as well as their synthesis by means of current research approaches in order to refrain from simply positivistic and overly literal interpretations of the historic sources.

The illustrated book Vl. Kuznetsov, N. Povalahev (eds.), Phanagoreia. Die vergessene Metropole am Schwarzen Meer. Eine Expedition berichtet, Göttingen 2009 as well as two further volumes of the series Altertümer Phanagoreias (Phanagoreian Antiquities) have already been published:
Volume 1: N. Povalahev, Vl. Kuznetsov (eds.), Phanagoreia, Kimmerischer Bosporos, Pontos Euxeinos, Göttingen 2011;
Volume 2: N. Povalahev, Vl. Kuznetsov (eds.), Phanagoreia und seine historische Umwelt, Göttingen 2011. As part of the project, a conference was held in Göttingen in November 2009; the results are published in the above-mentioned second volume.