Journal Club SS 2015 Forest Botany and Tree Physiology

Date Name Topic
23.04.2015 Nan Yang Carbon sequestration is related to mycorrhizal fungal community shifts during long-term succession in boreal forests
Clemmensen et al., 2015
07.05.2015 Nguyen Quang Dung Ectomycorrhizal impacts on plant nitrogen nutrition: emerging isotopic patterns, latitudinal variation and hidden mechanisms
Mayor et al., 2015
28.05.2015 Aljosa Zavisic Priority effects during fungal community establishment in beech wood
Hiscox et al., 2015
11.06.2015 Dr. Monica Stoian
Department of Intercultural German Studies
Intercultural and Multilingual Studies
University of Göttingen
Scientific writing
25.06.2015 Aileen Gluschak Perception of root-derived peptides by shoot LRR-RKs mediates systemic N-demand signaling
Tabata et al., 2014
09.07.2015 Silke Ammerschubert Fungal functioning in a pine forest: evidence from a 15N-labeled global change experiment
Hobbie et al., 2014