Prof. Dr. Sascha Münnich

Full Professor of Sociology and Sociological Theory

Research interests:

  • Institutional theory
  • Political Sociology and Social Policy
  • Economic Sociology
  • Comparative Political Economy
  • Theory and History of Capitalism

Final work:
Possible themes for final work of students of the B.A. and M.A. study programs with Mr. Münnich and his scientific assistants are among others: political sociology, social politics, social theory, the study of social movements, economic sociology, comparative political economy and historical-comparative sociology.
All final work of Mr. Münnich and/or his staff are made in common cohorts over the course of a semester, possible in the form of regular colloquia.
The beginning of a graduation cohort is the first week of a new semester, and the common deadline for the final work of a cohort is 31st March (for Winter semester) or the 30th September (for Summer semester).
If you would like to prepare a final work with Mr. Münnich or one of his employees, please contact by e-mail some time before the start of the semester for being a part of the next cohort.

Office hours:
Office hours during the semester:
Regular office hours 5-6 pm (from 22. October)
Apointments only by e-mail


Team Münnich

Scientific staff:
Katharina Legantke, M.A.
Dipl.-Volksw. Heide Haas.
Julia Rohringer
Niklas Forreiter

Student assistants:
Hauke Georg Bruns
Dominik Paul
Lisanne Visser

Helga Jackson