Education/ Empirical Research in Schools

Welcome to the Department of Education/ Empirical Research in Schools

The chair for Education/Empirical Research in Schools deals with the generation and preparation of descriptive and explanatory knowledge of preconditions, processes and products of teaching and learning at schools and classrooms with special consideration being accorded to family and school background characteristics. Quantitative data from Large Scale Assessments and from cross sectional studies are evaluated for this purpose with the help of multi-variant processes.
From the point of view of perspective, it is intended that methods from various disciplines, such as social network analysis from the field of sociology will be linked with well established processes of empirical educational research (e.g. IRT and SEM modelling, multi-level analyses), in order to generate evidence-based knowledge about causal factors for learning processes of students within the context of the classroom.

Areas of research focus:

  • Quantitative research methods/ statistics
  • Large-Scale-Assessments
  • Impact of School profiling (e.g. chess as an academic subject)
  • Social networks in the classroom
  • Social disparities in the education system