Seminar NOSQL Databases

Semester:Winter 2013/14
Lecturer:Dr. Lena Wiese
Course type:Seminar
Date:First Meeting: 24.10.2013, 11:00, room 1.101
Presentations: 11.2.2014, 9:30-16:00, room 0.101
AudienceApplied Computer Science MSc
Applied Computer Science BSc


Submission of title page:14.11.2013
Submission of glossary:28.11.2013
Submission of essay (first version):16.1.2014
Submission of presentation (first version):16.1.2014
Registration in FlexNow:23.1.2014
Block seminar (live presentations):11.2.2014(presence in Göttingen required!)
Submission of essay (final version):18.2.2014
Submission of presentation (final version):18.2.2014


Modern database management systems face novel requirements like flexible (non-relational) data structures, extremely fast updating and querying, and distributed storage on multiple servers. Under the term NOSQL (in the sense of Not Only SQL) several new database management systems have emerged which answer some of the demands of modern data management. In this course we look at some NOSQL systems and NOSQL data management technologies in detail.


Preparation of a presentation (duration 35 minutes) and an essay (length 20 pages) on a topic chosen in the first meeting.

List of topics

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