TEP-MACOFOR partnership project with Canada

MACOFOR is a Transatlantic Exchange Program partnership involving 3 Canadian and 3 European Universities.

TEP stands for "Transatlantic European Partnership" and is the framework program within which partnership exchange programs are co-financed by the Canadian government and the EU. MACOFOR stands for "Managing and conserving forest ecosystems for multiple values" and is a project performed within the TEP program. It comprises six Canadian (University of Alberta, Université Laval, Vancouver Island University) and six European partner universities (University of Transilvania, Brassov, Czech University of Life Sciences, Georg-August Universitat Gottingen).

The objective of the MACOFOR program is to enhance student learning about forest resources, issues, opportunities, and approaches for managing forests for a broad range of values (conservation, ecological services, aesthetics, recreation, timber/fibre production, non-timber forest products, and others) and to better equip students with the skills needed to practice sustainable forest management in the 21st Century through a program of developing international education and collaboration between Canadian and European university programs in forest conservation and management.