Linguistics in Göttingen - A platform for empirical and theoretical linguistics

LinG - Linguistics in Göttingen

LinG (Linguistics in Göttingen) is a journal for linguists working at or otherwise affiliated with the university of Göttingen that allows them to publish and disseminate work that is of interest to a wider audience but that is not (yet) suitable for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. This may be work in progress, detailed experimental results, lab reports, but also excellent BA or MA theses.

LinG will also publish manuals for equipment used in our linguistics labs covering aspects unique to the experimental setups in Göttingen.

The articles are published electronically, through the GOEDOC platform offered by the Niedersachsen State and University Library. GOEDOC is an open-access publication facility which provides each LinG issue with a unique, permanent URL (PURL). This URL can be used in citations to point readers to the document and is guaranteed not to change, so that citations will not become obsolete.


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