M.INC.MGMT.615: Managing International Development Programmes - Planning

Learning outcome:

An applied course critically investigating the range of mechanisms by
which international rural development assistance is delivered. Identification, preparation, design and planning of development interventions. Factors influencing the sustainability and success of rural development assistance.

To introduce and critically analyse concepts and techniques used in the
identification, planning and design of rural development assistance. It is intended that students will gain a theoretical understanding of why projects and programmes are used as a mechanism for the delivery of rural development. They will also gain practical skills in the planning and design of development assistance.

Courses and examinations

Assignment 1 (20%), Assignment 2 (20%), Assignment 3 (60%)

Prerequisite for examination:
By the completion of MGMT 611 class members will have:
On completion of MGMT 615, students will have:

  • 1. An understanding of approaches used to deliver development assistance.
  • 2. Used the ?Project Cycle? to illustrate the various phases of development projects.
  • 3. Examined and critically appraised the identification, design and review phases of development projects.
  • 4. Considered a range of techniques used in the design of rural development projects.
  • 5. Been introduced to the process of financial and economic appraisal of development projects.
  • 6. An introduction to methods used in implementing and managing development projects.
  • 7. Considered different approaches, data and methods used to monitor and evaluate rural development projects.
  • 8. Used the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to analyse quantitative and qualitative information gathered in a household survey.

Admission requirements:

Recommended previous knowledge:


Person responsible for module:
Michael Lyne

Course frequency:
Academic Term each winter semester

One semester

Number of repeat examinations permitted:

Recommended Semester:
First to third semester

Maximum number of students: