Erasmus+ Programme Coordinators

The Erasmus programme coordinators are responsible for maintaining faculty contact to the European partner institutions as well as the selection and award procedure of exchange places. The nominations at the partner universities go directly through the programme coordinators. Students and lecturers who are interested in the possibility of exchange, should please contact the responsible Erasmus programme coordinator or Erasmus employee. The representatives are listed by faculty. There are normally 1-2 programme coordinators per faculty. The one exception is the Philosophy faculty, due to the varied nature of the subjects, which is divided by seminar or, when applicable, institute. The programme coordinators are officially assigned to the different faculties and institutes.

Göttingen International coordinates the Erasmus programme at the university level and is the direct contact partner for the NA-DAAD. They inform and advise the faculties, students, lecturers, and personnel on all concerns about the Erasmus+ programme and responsibly manage the EU-funds.