Company Visit Mahr

The Chair of Production and Logistics, in cooperation with the company Mahr, offered all students of the Faculty of Economic Sciences a guided tour around the Mahr site in Göttingen on 11 December 2018 at 3 p.m. at Carl-Mahr-Str. 1. The Mahr company represents precision from manual measuring technology to system measuring stations, from ball guides to metering pumps. For more than 150 years, Mahr has been offering its customers worldwide solutions, innovations and practical service. With its product portfolio, the measuring technology expert operates in production environments such as aviation, medical technology or the automotive industry.

Besichtigung Mahr

OR 2018 in Brüssel and HICL 2018 in Hamburg

Operations Research Conference 2018

From 12 to 14 September 2018, this year's Operations Research Conference ( took place in Brussels with three contributions from the research topics of the Chair of Production and Logistics. The conference was organized jointly by the German Society for Operations Research e.V. (GOR) and "The Belgian Operational Research Society" (ORBEL). The contributions in detail: Two-Stage Unit Commitment Modeling for Virtual Power Plants (Lars-Peter Lauven), Evaluation of cost-reduction potentials in container terminals with electrified horizontal transport by using Energy Demand Management (Erik Pohl, detailed information anout the research project can be found here), Multi-criteria evaluation of the transition of power generation systems (Tobias Witt, detailed information about the research project can be found here).

Hamburg International Conference of Logistics 2018

HICL 2018 ( was also held in Hamburg from 13 to 14 September. Here Mrs. Scharpenberg presented Ecological Assessment of Port Equipment for Container Terminals (detailed information about the related research project can be found here). A second research paper from the team of the Chair of Production and Logistics dealt with the question of increasing efficiency in digitisation projects for professional drivers: Efficiency analysis for digitalised working systems of truck drivers (Dominic Loske, Matthias Klumpp).