Academic Writing Partnerships / InDiGU

Why participate in Writing Partnerships?

The goal of the academic writing partnership is to get to know each other and to work together on a writing project, reflecting about the writing process. Students promote the cultural (knowledge) exchange and integration.

How do the Writing Partnerships works?

The writing partners have to join the Workshop "Akademische Schreibpartnerschaften deutsch-international" from the international Writing Center. In this workshop, which takes place 5 Mondays in the beginning of every semester, we discuss topics, text types and formalities common in academic writing in German, and we compare language and style in different writing traditions.
The writing partners work on a writing project during term (article, essay, presentation, report, review). The writing partners and the advisors in the writing center will provide feedback and they will help with all kind of issues and/or questions with regard to the writing project in progress.

How are grades and the evaluation of the Writing Partnerships done?

Students participating in the workshop and compiling an ePortfolio will get 4 ECTS-Points for Key Competences (in German : Schlüsselkompetenzen). International Students are graded (either in in %, or according to the German or North-American grade system).

Students participating in the InDiGU Certificate Program can get either 6 IP fullfilling one term or 12 IP for a year.

Students have to submit a final evaluation either in writing or as an audiofile, according to a guideline-based interview.

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