Theory-based Lectures & Seminars

An important goal of the Center for Theory of Culture and Society is to establish theory based thinking and the reflection of methods within the teachings of the humanities. Therefore, it supports its members with the possibility of interdisciplinary exchange. The following chart contains an overview of lectures and seminars, which directly focus on the developing of theories and the reflection of methodology in the humanities:

The titles of the modules are listed in their original language (in most cases German). Further information about the courses can be found through the links in the chart or in the official lectures archive of the university.

Module title


Formal designation



Einführung in Methoden und Theorien

Arabic and Islamic Studies

B.Ara.23.Mp (seminar) Prof. Dr. Irene Schneider every semester
Einführung in die Sozialwissenschaften Social Sciences B.Sowi.100.Mp (lecture) Prof. Dr. Samuel Salzborn every winter semester
Forschendes Lernen: Individuelles Theoriemodul I Musicology SK.Mus.31 (seminar) Prof. Dr. Birgit Abels irregularly

I Hate World Music: Popmusik im globalen Kontext Musicology B.Mus.35.1 (seminar) Prof. Dr. Birgit Abels every winter semester
Introduction to Cultural Studies British Literature and Culture B.EP.201.PrVor (proseminar) Prof. Dr. Barbara Schaff every sommer semester
Islamwissenschaftliches Kolloquium Arabic and Islamic Studies B.Ara.14.Mp (colloquium) Prof. Dr. Irene Schneider every sommer semester
Kulturtheorien Cultural Anthropology / European Ethnology (KAEE) B.KAEE.4 (lecture), the attached seminar is only for students of KAEE Prof. Dr. Regina Bendix, every sommer semester
Kultur- und sozialwissenschaftliche Methoden und Theorien für Fortgeschrittene Chinese Studies M.OAW.MS.004.MP (seminar) Prof. Dr. Sarah Eaton every year
Hilfsmittel, Methoden und Theorien der modernen Chinaforschung Chinese Studies B.OAW.004.Mp (tutorial) Prof. Dr. Axel Schneider every winter semester
Methodology Seminar: Intensive Programme Preparation Euroculture Module M.EuCu.25 (seminar) Dr. Lars Klein every sommer semester
Musik und Kulturanalyse


M.Mus.31 (seminar) Prof. Dr. Birgit Abels every winter semester
Musik und Kulturgeschichte Musicology M.Mus.52 (seminar) Prof. Dr. Andreas Waczkat every year
Musico-logica I: Theorien der Musik Musicology M.Mus.51 (seminar) Prof. Dr. Andreas Waczkat every year
Musico-logica II: Analyse Musicology M.Mus.53 (seminar) Prof. Dr. Andreas Waczkat every year
Theorie (Aktuelle Theorien der Geschichtswissenschaft) History M.Gesch.09a/b (lecture + seminar) Prof. Dr. Stefan Haas every year
Theorien und Methoden (der Geschichts- und Kulturwissenschaften) History B.Gesch.600 (lecuture + seminar) Prof. Dr. Stefan Haas every year