Research Projects

The Center for Theory of Culture and Society sees itself as a network, which supports their members in individual as well as in joint projects, if those will have a focus on cultural studies. The following chart of current research projects of some of the center's members gives an impression of its disciplinary and methodological variety.





Cultural Property DFG Research Unit 772 transdisciplinary Caren Bergs
Dynamiken von Raum und Geschlecht: entdecken - erobern - erfinden - erzählen DFG Research Training Group 1599 transdisciplinary Sabina Fazli
Dynamics of Religion on Southeast Asia (DORISEA) Competence Network Social and Cultural Anthropology Arnika Peselmann
Remembrance - Perception - Meaning. Musicology as Part of the Humanities PhD Program Musicology Prof. Dr. Andreas Waczkat
Generations in History DFG Research Training Group 1083 transdisciplinary Prof. Dr. Dirk Schumann
Geschichte machen. Archivbenutzung im Spannungsfeld staatlicher Archivpolitik und historischer Forschung im langen 19. Jahrhundert DFG Project History Dr. Philipp Müller
Heimerziehung in Niedersachsen 1949-1975 Research Projekt History Prof. Dr. Margret Kraul
History and Ethics: Conservative Reflections on the Nature of Modernity (China 1890-1940) Monograph Projekt Modern Sinology,
Prof. Dr. Axel Schneider
Literature and Dissemination of Literature in the Digital Age DFG Research Training Group 1787 transdisciplinary Dr. Matthias Beilein
Maurice Halbwachs Summer Institute Summer School transdisciplinary Prof. Dr. Hartmut Bleumer,
Anna Maria Reinking
Moving Music. Space, Meaning, Musical Transformation Third-Party Funds Project (DFG) (Cultural) Musicology Prof. Dr. Birgit Abels
Personalunion PhD Program History Dr. Michaela Kipp
Popular Seriality - Aesthetics and Practice DFG Research Unit (FOR 1091) transdisciplinary Maria Sulimma
The Politics of Secularism and the Emergence of New Religiosities Third-Party Funds Project (BMBF) transdisciplinary Dr. Tina Schilbach
Theorie und Methodologie der Textwissenschaften und ihre Geschichte (TMTG) interuniversitary PhD program (MWK) transdisciplinary Prof. Dr. Simone Winko

Partners outside of Göttingen
Center of Excellence in Culture Theory of the Universities Tallinn and Tartu in Estonia Research Institute transdisciplinary Monika Tasa

  • This center offers a winter school for PhD students each year with an intriguing cast of internationally renowned scholars working in the different fields of theory of the humanities and the social sciences.

Graduate School of Cultural Studies and the Arts, Tartu, Estland Graduate School transdisciplinary Aleksandra Dolgopolova