Dr. Dominic Lemken

Research focus:

  • Consumer behavior on food choices (e.g. substitution behavior)
    • Social, health and Environmental impacts of food production and consumption
      • Adoption of innovations related to sustainability needs

      • Research project:

        • FruVaSe – FRUits and Vegetables for All Season
          • Key Food Choices and Climate Change
            • RTG 2654 Sustainable Food Systems
                • Development and testing of a climate label for food in Lower Saxony

                • Teaching:

                  • Empirical methods: market research and consumer behavior
                    • Advanced Theories of Consumer Research

                    • Selected publications:

                      • Lemken, D. (2021) The price penalty for red meat substitutes in popular dishes and the diversity in substitution (registered-report). PLOS ONE 16(6): e0252675
                        • Lemken, D., Zühlsdorf, A., Spiller, A. (2021) Improving Consumers’ Understanding and Use of Carbon Footprint Labels on Food: Proposal for a Climate Score Label – EuroChoices 20(2)
                          • Lemken, D., Spiller, A., Schulze-Ehlers, B., (2019). More room for legume – Consumer acceptance of meat substitution with classic, processed and meat-resembling legume products - Appetite 143

                          • Thesis:

                            • The adoption of legumes in farmer and consumer settings - Facilitating an approach to the sustainability challenge