Your child has decided to study, but where should they do so? Which factors are important in choosing the right place to study; which criteria can help in the decision-making process?

On this page, we will tell you some good reasons that your child is in particularly good hands in Göttingen.

A degree from Göttingen paves the way to a successful future. With a broad range of subjects at a total of four universities and colleges, there is something for everyone. In Göttingen there are excellent opportunities for directly entering the professional world after studying. The good connections between the universities and the businesses located in Göttingen mean that the doors are wide open for graduates.

Göttingen is centrally located in Germany and is characterized by good rail connections to all German cities. With the student pass (Lower Saxony Ticket of Deutsche Bahn), the University of Göttingen gives every student the chance to visit home at any time without the need for much planning. The student pass also takes the load off your budget, since it is a special offer from Deutsche Bahn and is already included in the University of Göttingen's tuition fees. It is not necessary to buy a train ticket, since the student pass is marked on the student ID card, which forms the student's ticket. Within Göttingen itself, the students keep fit. Since nothing is very far from anything else, it is possible to reach everything by bicycle or on foot. There is then no extra cost for bus tickets. The very low crime rate and small number of accidents mean that the inhabitants of Göttingen can move around safely in the city both during the day and at night.

Göttingen has only around 130,000 inhabitants, of whom a third are students. Your child will therefore soon make friends and feel at home.

In the case of illness or stress in your studies, you are in good hands in Göttingen. The medical care in Göttingen is outstanding and the university?s psychological advisory service can provide help in the case of personal or study-related crises. In such situations, last-minute visits from parents are no problem. The city offers plenty of hotels to stay in Göttingen and surroundings if the flat is too small.

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