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Between April, 4th and 8th we blocked a variety of single and double rooms at the hotels, listed below.


    Single rooms: 77,00€ (13 rooms available)
    Double rooms (for single room use): 89,00€ (14 rooms available)

    Address: Goethe-Allee 21, 37073, Goettingen
    Phone: +49-551-547960
    Email: info at


    Single rooms: 82,00€ (10 rooms available)
    Double rooms: 105,00€ (10 rooms available)

    Address: Juedenstr. 12, 37073, Goettingen
    Phone: +49-551-57157
    Email: info at

  • Intercity Hotel:

    Single rooms: 80,00€
    Double rooms: 110,00€
    (20 rooms available in total)

    Address: Bahnhofsallee 1a, 37081, Goettingen

    Phone: +49-551-5211-0
    Email: goettingen at

  • The university discount included in the given prices can only be granted when placing your reservation directly via email, including the reservation code "GLOW 2016 Göttingen University" in the subject line.
    Please note: Your are not eligible for the discount, when placing your revservation through the hotel's booking web-forms or third-party online booking platforms.

    Other Options:

  • Hostel 37
    Address: Groner Landstraße 7, 37073 Göttingen
    Phone: +49-551-63445177
    Email: info at

  • Youth Hostel Göttingen
    Address: Habichtsweg 2, 37075 Göttingen
    Phone: +49 551 57622
    Email: goettingen at

  • For more options check regular booking websites or AirBnB

    If you need a crash space, don't hesitate to write to the organizing committee.