Mathematical Foundations of Biology (6 C, 4 WLH) [B.Mat.0811]

replaces the old module B.Bio.302-1 from WiSe 2013/14 on

Learning outcome, core skills: After passing the module the students have the ability to deal with mathematical basic concepts and know mathematical way of thinking and speaking. They have a comprehension for formulas and basic knowledge in numbers, transformation, differential and integral calculus, differential equations and linear system of equations.

Courses and examinations
Lecture: Vorlesungen Mathematik mit Übungen (4 WHL) [B.Bio.302-1]
Lecture: Vorlesung Statistik mit Übungen (3 WHL) [B.Bio.302-2]

Examination prerequisites: B.Mat.0811.Ue; successful resolving of at lest 50 % of the exercises and at least one time presenting the results
Examination: written examination (90 minutes)
Examination requirements: Comprehension of formulas, basic knowledge on numbers and limits, differential and integral calculus, solving differential equations and linear systems of equations.

Selection options

Admission requirements

Recommended previous knowledge

Number of repeat examinations permitted

Course frequency
each winter semester

Recommended semester

one semester


Maximum number of students
not limited

Person responsible for module
dean of studies (Mathematics)