Introduction to the GöTours app

GöTours is an app for location-specific mobile learning. This app enables various kinds of contents to be processed into a learning tour. Using an itinerary, students can go through various stations where QR-codes can be scanned with the smartphone to solve problems and receive further directions. They can acquire the knowledge directly at the object or deepen their already existing theoretical knowledge.

WaWhy deploy GöTours?

Using GöTours, learning tours can be created at practice-relevant locations. The app makes it easier to learn directly at the object and students can utilise their theoretical knowledge directly. There is no need for printed materials to be present, and guidance and supervision from lecturers is not necessarily required if the learning tour is well prepared. Apps such as GöTours allow for meaningful use of end-devices like smartphone and tablets within the course of studies.

How do I deploy GöTours?

Learning tours like GöTours are suitable for independent working through of contents in a practice-relevant context. The app enables teachers to offer various kinds of teaching content (texts, images, videos, audios and a question) on-site in a digital form as a tour. These can be provided as an accompaniment to a course but also as prior knowledge.

The software enables the sequence of stations to be predefined and even made compulsory. Knowledge testing by means of multiple or single choice questions is also possible at this place.

Functioning of GöTours

GöTours is suitable for...

...learning tours of various kinds. Some examples can be found here:

  • a tour through the university collection
  • tours through the library, specially related to a particular faculty
  • orientation and exploratory tours for the first semester
  • provision of materials for field trips
  • independent work by the students with subsequent discussion of results
  • provide objects (statues, buildings etc) with background information
  • historical tours with images of what it looked like at a particular place at that time
  • supports field trips with a larger number of students than self-organised field trips
  • tour to provide briefing in test setups or the operating principles of equipment
  • ...and much more!

What are the stumbling blocks?

The contents and media for learning tours should be selected with care and may not exceed a certain amount in order not to overextend the students with the contents. For changing contents, there should be a scheduled update. Voluntary learning tours should be designed in an interesting and varied manner to motivate students to use these for their private study.

In technical terms, internet availability at the location of the learning tour must be ensured.

How do I set up an learning tour?/ Where can I get help?

Tours are set up by lecturers using the management platform under No knowledge of programming is required for this. Brief instructions for setting up a tour can be found here.

We can of course advise and train you about its specific use. Please write to us under and check out our range of courses.