Forum Wissen as an event venue

Forum Wissen creates a place in which the academic world and the public can meet, where the sciences and the humanities put themselves forward for discussion and enter into active dialogue with the public. At its heart are the diverse exhibitions, which - in line with the headline theme - are marked by constant dynamics.

In addition, however, the Forum will offer a whole variety of events and rooms for all sorts of different forms of discussion, dialogue and food for thought.

In the Large Lecture Hall, with seating capacity of 240 and its historic charm, public lectures can be held. It could also become the venue for the popular science slams.

The lecture hall and adjacent seminar rooms can be used as a conference centre.

A soundstage is suitable for knowledge salons, readings, drama, concerts, cinema showings, etc.

An attractive café will pick up on the topics of Forum Wissen in an entertaining way. It can be regarded as an extension to the museum, with the overall theme of ?knowledge in the making? being taken up in such a way that it is made accessible even to guests who are not planning to go round the museum. A visit to the café will thus be an experience of a special kind, not only from a culinary point of view.