Freedom for scholarly exchange and collaboration
The Lichtenberg-Kolleg offers an intimate setting in an inspiring academic atmosphere and serves as a place where internationally renowned and emerging scholars meet. Here international scholars are able to focus on cutting-edge individual and collaborative research projects across the disciplines while cooperating with associated scholars and young researchers from the Göttingen Campus. Fellows-in-Residence are invited based on their outstanding academic achievements in the research fields that are already established in or that show potential for the Göttingen Campus.

The Lichtenberg-Kolleg focuses on close cooperation between international fellows and distinguished scholars from the Göttingen Campus, an exceptional research program from which young and emerging scholars also profit. Cooperating in topic-specific groups and workshops, Fellows-in-Residence are integrated into the local research network and simultaneously cross-fertilize the work of Göttingen scholars. With these measures, the Lichtenberg-Kolleg intends to promote collaborative research in the humanities and social sciences and to stimulate innovative research foci.

Göttingen Campus
The Göttingen Campus offers an inspiring research environment for scholars working in the humanities and social sciences and is distinguished by its remarkable diversity of disciplines, especially in the humanities and social sciences, by its connections to non-university research institutions, and by a large number of collaborative and interdisciplinary research groups. Göttingen is home to a number of research institutions such as the Göttingen Academy of Sciences and Humanities, the Max-Planck-Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, the German Primate Centre, the Max-Planck-Institute for Experimental Medicine, as well various Courant Research Centres (among them "Education and Religion From Early Imperial Roman Times to the Classical Period of Islam" (EDRIS) and "The Multi-Layered Text Protocol: Micro and Macro Level Structures in Written Discourse") and Junior Research Centers. In addition, there are a number of research groups in all fields.
Particularly attractive to scholars are the state-of-the-art library services of the Göttingen University and State Library (SUB), which hosts more than 7.5 million books and other media and is considered to be one of the leading research libraries in Germany. The Göttingen State and University Library provides an invaluable infrastructure with a digitization center, grid projects, and e-humanities services. The library's holdings, including a parchment copy of the Gutenberg Bible, are preserved in its historic building. Goethe and the Brothers Grimm were frequent visitors of the historic library hall, the Pauliner Church. The library also hosts the German National Library of the eighteenth century, unique holdings dating from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, as well as numerous special collections, among them the Cook/Forster Collection. The nearby Herzog August Library at Wolfenbüttel holds exceptional collections from the Middle Ages and Early Modern Period.