Dr. Brianne Altmann

"Science is just formalized curiosity" (Chris Hadfield)

Research Interests:

Food systems, unconventional livestock, consumer perception and preferences, sustainability science

Expertise Meat physico-chemical properties, descriptive sensory analysis, participatory mapping, consumer surveys, discrete choice experiments

Academic Career:

2019 Ph.D. Program for Agricultural Sciences in Sustainability Transitions in the Food Industry. magna cum laude – University of Goettingen (Goettingen, Germany – 2019)

2015 M.Sc. in Sustainable International Agriculture, University of Göttingen & University of Kassel

2013 B.Sc. in Environmental and Conservation Sciences, University of Alberta, Canada (Majored in Human Dimensions of Environmental Management)

2013 B.A. in Native Studies, University of Alberta

2013 Certificate of Aboriginal Governance and Partnership

2012 Udergraduate Research Opportunities Program, RWTH Aachen ("Motivations behind urban agriculture projects: a cross-cultural comparison between Cologne, Germany and Edmonton, Canda" )

2011 Study abroad, Albert-Ludwig-University Freiburg (Focus on Environmental Governance & Forest Ecology and Management)


2015-2020 "Sustainability Transitions in Food Production: alternative protein sources from a socio-technical perspective" Link


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