Master in Physics

The Masters program in physics at the Georg-August University Göttingen is a research-oriented course of study that qualifies for demanding tasks in research and development and prepares for a PhD in physics. Our Faculty carries out a broad spectrum of internationally leading research, and students have the opportunity to get involved with this from an early stage. Accordingly, the main research areas of the faculty are reflected in the Masters program streams that students choose between when applying:

  • astrophysics and geophysics
  • biophysics and physics of complex systems
  • solid state and materials physics
  • nuclear and particle physics
  • theoretical physics

Experience excellent research close up and become a part of one of our nearly 60 internationally renowned research groups. Further information on the topics covered in the Master streams can be found here

Platzhalter 100 Pixel männlich
“I chose to come to Göttingen because they have a research oriented program where I could study particle physics. A great part is that the program is in English, so you can experience Germany without worrying whether your German is good enough to understand your courses.
This also applies to the city, which is very international. The city also has a nice size, it has everything you need, but it is still easy to get around and the city doesn’t feel too crammed.”

R. Riksted, First Semester M.Sc. Physics

Katharina Priebe
“The special feature of Göttingen is the variety of physical subjects. When I started studying physics here, I was sure I would specialize in particle or astrophysics.
During my studies, I had the opportunity to find out that I also really enjoyed solid-state physics. And because of the great research group in this area I’ve actually ended up doing my PhD here in Göttingen.”

K. Priebe, Graduate Masterstudent in Physics