Dr. Eva Tolasch

Eva Tolasch studied sociology and political science with excursions into criminology in Kiel and Hamburg. After a scholarship with the German Youth Institute (DJI), where she was part of the research group "Gender and Life Planning", she spent many years working at the Institute for Sociology at the University of Munich.
She earned her doctorate in 2015 with a discourse analytical study on motherhood in criminal law. Ms. Tolasch reconstructed the normative patterns which qualify women as good mothers (and men as good fathers). She analysed interrogations and hearings of defendants and witnesses as well as psychiatrical and neurological reports in criminal cases wherein parents are accused of the attempted or actual killing of their child. She understands diversity as a question of attitude which enriches her research and practice by shedding light on social processes of inclusion and exclusion which are intricately linked with different inequalities.
Since April 2016, Eva Tolasch is a research associate (maternity leave replacement) at the Diversity Research Institute. She also teaches at the University of Innsbruck and is part of the ethnographic project "Stillen als mütterliche Aufgabe" (breastfeeding as maternal task) and "Dicksein und Gender" (fatness and gender) at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (since 2015).

Currently, Dr. Eva Tolasch is working as a research associate at the AB Qualitative Forschung und Mikrosoziologie at the institute of sociology at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (Prof. Dr. Sylka Scholz).

Her main research interests are:

  • Sociologies of parenthood (especially motherhood), childhoods and care
  • Womens, Gender and Queer Studies
  • Qualitiative social research (especially discourse analytical document analysis, ethnography and classical qualitative methods)
  • Criminological social reseach and sociology of social problems
  • Equal opportunities

  • Göttingen Diversity Research Institute